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I love that Aang’s favorite fighting style is nooooooope.

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hey everyone !So my mom’s been feeling really down lately and i’m really hoping you guys can help me try to make her feel better.
She cosplays the cabbage merchant from avatar and she’s often self conscious about leaving the hotel room at cons, so i’m hoping you can help me make her popular on tumblr. she’s really cute and sweet and she worked so hard on this cosplay! she even carries around real cabbages please give her love ok

love cosplaying parents
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thank you to everyone who came to the livestream!!! 
I was so anxious but it was really fun once I got control of my nerves!
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In the end, Captain America does not make the heroic sacrifice, thus further proving that Black Widow can handle the emotional weight of being a lead character. As if anyone could really forget the most quoted line in “The Avengers” — “I’ve got red in my ledger; I’d like to wipe it out” — it helps to have that line fresh in your mind when deconstructing what Widow does in the final act of what’s billed as a Captain America movie. Black Widow doesn’t wipe out the red in her ledger. No, she blasts her ledger out to the world, like it was the grisliest email forward of all time. We know from her heart to heart with Hawkeye that the shame she feels about what she’s done is real, and she hesitates when she realizes that taking down the bad guys means revealing her secrets. But she does it anyway, because she’s not just a spy anymore; she’s a super hero, and she makes a super hero’s sacrifice.

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